Guests must provide valid identification when checking in at Reception.

The rooms are rented for the same 2 people maximum per room for the entire stay.

Families with children must indicate the number of children and rent the appropriate number of rooms.

Rooms are rented per night: from 2 p.m. until 10 a.m. of departure.

All stays must be paid in advance.

Visitors are not allowed in the rooms and must report to Reception.

Parties and group meetings are prohibited in the rooms and throughout the establishment .

As the Residence does not sell alcohol, its consumption is tolerated in reasonable quantities; people who are too heavily intoxicated and/or aggressive and who do not respect the tranquility of the premises may be asked to leave the premises without notice.

The rooms are all non-smoking, smokers must use their balcony or the shared outdoor terrace.

Candles are prohibited due to fire risks and damage to furniture.

Flower petals are prohibited due to stains generated on bed linen.

Pets are not allowed in rooms and must not stay in cars.

Laundry is prohibited in the rooms.

Commercial or professional activities and prostitution are prohibited in the establishment.

Minors (babies and children under 18 years old) cannot rent or occupy a room in the hotel without the presence of a person with parental authority. Minors must be registered upon arrival at Reception with an identity document/family record book of the child and the person having parental authority.

A deposit may be requested (in cash or credit card). The deposit will be returned if no damage is noted.

The Management reserves the right to refuse and/or expel people who do not respect the internal regulations, the laws and the tranquility of the premises without notice or reimbursement.